LK Reeves

LK Reeves

Lemu Kwenah Reeves (LK) was born in Liberia, West Africa. After College LK served 4years in the Liberian Coast Guard. In 2012 he moved to Australia and started to focus on his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

After arriving in Australia and seeing the beauty and friendliness of its people, LK realised that he could make his fashion dream come true. However, not all things come easily in life, he had some rough days on his journey. LK recalls when he could not afford to buy proper winter clothing in those early days. He searched for clothing in charity bins to get through the cold winter months. As of today, he still wears a coat that he found in the bin as a symbol of different stages in life.

In his early years in Australia, he worked as a Volunteer in Aged Care Homes, later got employment as a Concierge and progressed on as a Building Manager. Evolving from dreams to reality, in 2019 LK started working on his long-time passion of being a fashion designer. By 2020, LK had registered his business LK REEVES Pty Ltd joining other fashion brands.

LK has completed a Fashion Design Course with Sample Room (VIC) Australia. He had an opportunity to research at the Fashion and Business Resource Innovation Centre Arizona USA. LK took up sewing classes (ongoing) at the Nepean Community College Sydney to gain new skills that will support his passion as a fashion designer.

As fashion is always revolving, he continues to educate himself and keep up to date with the fashion industry.


The Brand

LK REEVES Pty Ltd is a clothing brand for customers who appreciate upscale, ready to wear clothing that encompasses simplicity and relaxed luxury.

Our designs are for professionals who love to have fun with their looks, make a statement, and embrace colours with confidence. We design unique pieces that make our customers stand out in a crowd.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and manufacture all our tailored pieces locally. Our goal is to become a global ethical fashion brand while keeping our customers happy and making sure workers are treated with dignity and respect.